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Welcome to Atomic Digital Capture, were we pride ourselves on being your full service digital capture solution. Digital capture rentals and digital capture technicians in Los Angeles and Southern California, the Atomic Digital team uses experience gained in 20 years of shooting Hollywood's hottest celebrities to deliver full-service digital solutions for elite professional photographers on demanding assignments. Our certified digital techs and digital capture rental help make it all work together. And our talented retouchers add the finishing touch.

Atomic Digital will refine and distill your ideas into powerful imagery with the greatest of ease and the simplist of workflow. Collectively, our digital techs have over two decades of experience working under a wide variety of of shooting scenarios and overcoming a miriad of challenges. We know the shortest routes to aid you in creating your most compelling images.

The Atomic Edge comes from combining elite talent and state-of-the-art digital equipment, with outstanding speed and dedication to service. Web wizardry is also part of our package. We offer customized, flash-based web views of your shoot, where clients can access and interact with the images from anywhere in the world, 24x7.

We are dedicated to giving you the best service imaginable. We're readily accessible anytime you have a question. We've also developed an outstanding online portal for our clients that will give you access to your assets, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the worldThe Premium Package is our premier product designed for the elite photographer working on advertising or high-end editorial jobs. It is also the solution for anyone who requires the resolution that only a medium
format system can deliver. As with all our packages it is fully customizable.

Our premium packege provides you with a certified Digital Technician, Hassleblad H1/H2 Body with (standard) 80mm/2.8 Lens. Leaf Aptus 22 16 BIT Digital Back, batteries and charger. Or you can choose a Phase One P25+ as well. (As an upgrade we offer the Phase One P45+ or Leaf Aptus 75s). Apple Macintosh Tower 8-Core or better – SSD boot drive and Terabyte internal hard drive 32GB RAM. Apple 30” LCD Cinema Display (Calibrated Daily) or Eizo Display. Also available are 27 inch iMacs. Magliner Mobile Digital Workstation. Lexar CF card Kit (containing a dozen 32GB CF Cards) and CF Card Reader. G-Tech 2TB USB/Firewire Hard Drive and RAIDS as a secure backup. APC Battery Backup Station. 15, 20, and 25 foot FireWire cables for tethered shooting. All our Los Angeles Digtal Techs are Capture One Pro Certified.

Leaf Aptus Digital Backs

For the discerning photographer seeking a different and specialized approach in their creative endeavors. The Leaf system offers unparalleled shooting speeds and very “film like” skin tones. Featuring Dual Sensor Readout (DSR) for double capture speed (patent pending), a cooling fan for efficient heat removal and selective channel sharpening options, Leaf is on the cutting edge of digital photography. A division of the Eastman Kodak Company, “The research and development efforts of Leaf are the result of ongoing contact with customers. This coupled with our experience in image capture and color science has led to the development of innovative solutions and workflows for the benefit of our professional photographers. With this kind of focus, Leaf will continue to lead the digital photography market into new and exciting eras providing new solution for the photography community."

Phase One Digital Backs

The patent pending XPose+ technology enables noise-free exposures of up to 1 hour. Create fantastic images using extreme light painting or capture great architectural designs at night time Live Preview - The scalable focus window supports an effective workflow on large production jobs between the photographer, the art directors and the stylists. Level Meter - The unique and patented high precision level meter ensures a perfect horizontal setup Extraordinary color reproduction - Opticolor+ is a unique image processing algorithm delivering high color accuracy in deep shadows and perfect skin tones Noise-free capture - The Dynamic+ technology ensures less noise at all ISO settings and break limits on the ability to work in very low light. Efficient workflow - Capture One Pro is Phase one’s RAW workflow software. ”